Tulli is a sweet sweet angel who has been through a very hard childhood.
's been hit by a car in Tulcea, her birth town, and has been left severly injured; she came to us, now she's 90 % recovered, 4 months old and a very interesting angel with a very interesting personality: She's incredibly independent, she is kind but still, extremely independent.

If you are interested in adopting her, please send us a message so we can talk more about her current condition and what more is needed for her future recovery.

Status: October 2020



Spanzy needs a home – Let's try one more time !

Try to imagine this: how would you feel being hanged by a tree, left to die?

You would try not to move much, try not to make too much activity so it won't consume your air. So you sit there frozen … you can't scream, you cannot move, you can t do anything to get you out of this situation. So you sit there wondering what on earth did you do wrong to deserve this? Was this the only way? Does anyone deserve such a painful end? Such a scared one? Alone? As you sit there frozen … and even if you don't  do anything – your neck gets swollen – your eyes feel like they re breaking the orbit – you suffocate.

I know this is not a nice exercise for anyone. But this is how Spanzy felt … this is what she's gone through. Until we were called about this case and our brave vets went and took her in, to safety. … they untied her neck – they took her home. Promised her from now on she will be safe. Now tell me … how easy would be for you to trust again after this? How easy would you truely believe … people are actually loving you?

This is Spanzy … and she needs a lot of love to trust again … she wants it very much … but she needs a ton of TLC for this. And we are absolutely positive that this winter, in the warmth of your home and heart, you have a place for her, and you have a lot of TLC to give her.

Please! Take a leap of faith and take her home with you. She is ready to trust and love. ARE YOU TOO?


Bambi is a gorgeous baby girl, she has a long long story and complicated one in her short life. She's almost 2 years old. She was found with her adult sister and 7-8 puppies on a street near Bucharest. Noone wanted them there though so few of them got actually poisoned and died. Our Bambi was hit by a car and her patella got badly displaced. 

She has undergo a complicated surgery but even with all efforts she might lose her leg. For this info we still need a few more weeks to tell. Bambi is unfortunately a shy girl … life hasn't given her so far many reasons to trust. However, day by day she's opening up an inch of her heart and we hope that soon she can open all her heart:) She's smallish middle size, and she s looking for a home in the very near future. 

If you're interested in sweet Bambi please let us know and we ll guide you through the next steps.


FRUNZA, one of the beautiful angels from our Starred Phoenix list.

Frunza is the most amazing girl with tiny bit scars on her heart and soul … but in great need of a home, and a second chance. We took these amazing angels, brother and sister, brothers with Bruno about 3 years ago … from a swamp – from terribly scared mothers that are truly close to being wild dogs.

It took us 3 years. But finally these angels … they trust us, and love us.

They truly want just a chance in life. They want a home, possibly a life in a family. Please take a look and give these babies a chance also. They don't have names so if anyone wants to name them – please do! They need a sponsor so much.


This mommy was abandoned with her 2 puppies, with another mom with more puppies. The other mommy was shot because they were hiding their puppies on a field, full of fox holes. This white mommy, we call her "Foxy" she adopted the 2 puppies left without a mom and tried her best to take care of them. She hid them in a fox hole and tried to take care of them. Unfortunately she couln't feed them properly because she was out of milk so she just tried to hide them from one fox hole to another. 

One of the small puppies didn't survive, only one did, and he turned out to be blind.

This mom protected her puppies and the adopted ones like a lion – but this made her not trust people, and we are currently trying to help her the best we can. She is opening up every day, more and more but she needs a place of her own, a home, a family. She also needs a sponsor, she needs vaccines, tests, treatment, and much care.

Please help this angel if you can by donating here for her.