Goliath is a beautiful dog that we took from Public Shelter Bucov. We were there for a spay campaign and this dog was literally only a bag of bones – very skinny. He's 2 years old (status November 2020), big size: 67 cm. He's the gentlest dog there is, he is kind, he is good with animals, playful, he adores people. He's quiet and he's very very affectionate. He's spayed, ready to go anytime and tested: negative for all. He is a truly great dog. Not only that he survived and bloomed after we took him. But he saved lives. He became our main blood donor and until now he saved 5 lives! He's an amazing dog. He's just extremely loving and kind. He's absolutely a wonder soul. We couldn't reccomend a better dog for either a family, or another soul that wants a companion, or couple. Or any living creature who wants to be loved and protected.

Goliath changed the world around him. Without even knowing … without intention – just by being good, a good soul. Us, being rational and cognitive beings, do we do the same? Do we intentionally change this world for the better? With a simple choice? This dog here is a HERO ! And yet he does not have a home yet … how can this be? He alone, by donating blood, has rescued more dogs than most humans usually do … he did … every time when there was a dog in need … every time when there was a life or death situation … we said "let's bring him in", and he always came: calm, gentle as he is. He is such an amazing being, such an amazing soul … and this is not just words meant to find him a home. Whether he finds a home or not, his soul is and always be beautiful! Because he was rejected, and he has been through life's most horrible situation. And he survived, and he always showed kindness. This is a lesson that must be taught to many humans. And a dog teaches this lesson. 

We hope with all our being that Goliath (maybe the name scars people?) will find a home this year! But most of all, we are so grateful: that we all met him. We are grateful for all he did for our soul. Goliath's story comes to teach us about surviving the worst conditions: once you love life enough, he tells us about not giving up: as long as you live passionately, he tells us about family: and what love can do to one soul. Goliath's story only needs a happy ending! Where he can spend Christmas with his family! In a warm, loving home, as all dogs should: let's start with one: with Goliath!

Goliath teached us to never give up – Do not give up on him!


Do you remember sweet Mozart? He came to us 2 years ago (status November 2020) from the Public Shelter Racari. He was in a terrible shape, he had a terrible dirheea, he was dehydrated, he was giving up completely. Well, since, he is this blooming amazing old boy. His only problem is that he doesn t like men so much. He most likely had a few trauma back in the days. But he's a wonder, and we re looking for a nice family where he can grow old.

Mozart is about 10 years old. So please we need your help! Let's promote him and maybe we find him a nice family where he can live the rest of his life in peace? There must be a good home for his oldie. It's just not possible. He deserves a beautiful place where he can live his old years. He doesn't even need so much, he would love and always prefers a comfy space just his own. A comfortable sofa and he basically sleeps a lot. Indeed, the presence of girls always, but always help him boos his energy. But he needs a home, of his own. He is old now, his best years have past and those were not filled with happiness. But he can still have a meaningful and happy life. He needs a home!

Please share Mozart and together only, we can find his home!


Dorin … sweet sweet Dorin!

Dorin is a beautiful pup. He had 9 more brothers and all were born in a very dangerous and deserted neighborhood in Bucharest. All his brothers were adopted, only our boy Dorin is still here with us. He really deserves a loving home because he's the most friendly and loving dog in this world. He is kind, he is very playful and full of life. He's 18 months old now (status November 2020), he's middle size – 50 cm tall, and he s a wonder. 

He stayed with us for too long now. He came to us because we had a promise for a better future. A better life than the one he lived on the streets. He came with an open heart and a loving soul. 

It is time for Dorin to find his one true place and his one true family. We gave our all … and we reached the point where we cannot offer him what he truly needs: a loving family!

A place on a loving home. A family, that's all that matters.

You can offer him one share. And let's see how far it will reach.


Gandalf, and his outstanding life story are looking for a home. A place to grow, to evolve, to forget. A place to enjoy, people that he could be loyal to. His place. His home. His family. 

Gandalf is the one: The one that broke all knowledge: everything we knew. He took all the medicine, all the principles and he broke them. With no mercy. Gandalf is the one who was obsessed with life. He is the standard: he is the one that people talk about in motivational videos.

Gandalf is the ultimate survivor, and if you don't believe me, just read his story: Gandalf came to us in September 2019 – a dog that should be 50 kg – he was only 15.

He was coughing all the blood inside of him: with maniac cough crisis. When he was left anemic. Xrays showed only metasthathis in his lung. So basically he should have lived 2 weeks more: we took him in so he would have just a few more days of peace and comfort.

A few weeks later he had a horrible caughing crisis. In this moment we took the hard decision whether to euthanize him or not. Our vet said "let us just give him just one more day. One more."

With more force than ever seen before – and we do not exagerate one second: he stood up! He never caughed again: he gained weight from day to day and he refused to die. He just said: "Not today!" Gandalf started an ascendednt path since and he never looked back: he turned out to be this amazing giant of 50 kg, full of love for life and humans. His second xrays showed completely healthy lungs, which is not fully known until now … why?

He is only 2 years old (status November 2020) and he is from now on seeking his one family.

He is not a dog to have as an uneperienced person: Gandalf is extremely strong and he knows this: He nees the best possible home, with people who understand what it is like fighting with every single drop of blood inside for life. Because Gandalf was supposed to die: in every way, in any book, in any known side of medicine: but he did not. He did not die, but he triumphed over it.

He didn't just met with death and had a dispute. He beat death's ass at a level we have rarely seen before. Death is now in a closet somewhere crying about the humiliation. What we try to say is that this dog is amazing, and his will is something rarely seen before. He enjoys life so much because he was seconds away from losing it. But who doesn't love the story of an underdog?

Well, this underdog proved whatever can be proven! And now he just needs a family. Just like him. Are you these brave survivors? Then Gandalf is missing from your family. Take him home: you need him and he needs you!


This is Acci. A young boy of only 8 months old (status November 2020). 

Acci is a beautiful baby dog that started his life in a very rough manner. He was hit by a car and badly injured. He was rescued. He is searching for a family. His own family!

One share for Acci is the only thing keeping him apart from his family. If you re reading this … please share. Anywhere you want. Let the world see him!


Bruno is a beautiful dog. He is about 3 years old (status November 2020) and spayed. Bruno unfortunately had a short history of pure fear. He's been very vulnerable as a puppy and the fear was huge.

Ever since, he
's been with us, but always shy, always trying not to be too much with us. Unfortunately he s been in a big fight with his brother which made us separate them. While doing so, we started working very much with him. He managed to walk on a leash, and most important, he got extremely attached to a few of our staff members. Very attached. However, he is still very scared by most things and he is trying from day to day to overcome this.

While we are working with him daily, we are trying to find a special family for him. A family that could understand his fear, and have enough patience to help him go through and overcome his fears. He deserves it, and he will reward you with much love.