a tale of woof 

A piece of my heart is finally out. It is not by far a great piece of literature; it is not by far the best or near childrens book there is. It is not an extraordinary story. 

It is just my story. 

The 2 characters in the childrens book, Andrei and Sache, the story of my life. The story of how my life began, and the purpose I founding it. It is with tears in my eyes, a hole in my heart … 

I give you my story. It is not to be sad … It is a childrens book, with a happy ending. It`s not how real life always turns up, but I hope that this story will touch some childrens hearts and minds. I hope this book will tell children exactly how life sometimes is: How a rescue doggie can rescue your heart and your life. Can give your life a purpose, a greater meaning. Its the story that brought most happiness in my life.

My little book, "Sache the dog : a tale of woof!" is the first of its kind, more will follow …

It is the beggining of something … and it helps us consolidate what we have. 

Please make from this book a little gift to any child you think will have anything to gain from it. The child in me won a lot.

My little book is for sale, for 15 euro (excluding the shipping), and it is to help all the ones that need it.

It is available in English and German.

If you want one, please let me know:

write me a message