Laura Fincu | founder and manager

Laura is the founder and manager of Sache Foundation. Having studied Communication and Public Relations, everything changed for her when she rescued her first dog, Sache. 

She then dedicated all of her time and resources to rescuing animals and has gradually built the Foundation and Clinic from the ground up. 

Until present, Laura has organized and participated in more than 30 spay/neuter campaigns and Sache Foundation is one of the few Romanian animal rescue foundations that also has and operates in its own clinic.

Dragos Crifca | marketing and media

Dragos works on the marketing and media side of Sache Foundation, maintaining and improving its image so as to make it more approachable and visible to the public while at the same time raising awareness about animal rescue and welfare. 

Psychology graduate and friends with Laura since high-school, he joined the team in september 2018.