Andrei Radut founder, visionary and architect of his dream project. 

30 years old eccentric visionary, he dressed sarcasm in the pretty Sunday clothes of humor. He loved animals and people, bravery and strength.  He loved progress and believed that every person should work to fulfilling their potential and helped them along the way.  He loved the grace of human nature as well as the instinctive part of it. He lived his life combining these dichotomic features and was an expert at doing it. 

In building Sache, he dreamed of a place where both animals and humans could be saved. Where humans can grow and evolve while living a life full of love, walking their path with furry friends by their side while learning from animals how to live life to the fullest. He dreamed and built a place that can fulfill all our standards. He brought everything that was inside his soul to light and named it, simply: Sache. Whether it was the vet clinic or the foundation, Sache meant the most to him. Sache is his history. Sache represents a precedent, a place where his ideas came to light, a platform that he offered to people and animals. A place of redemption. A place where you can grab your second chance and become everything you’re supposed to be.

Sache was to him a path to freedom. A journey. Andrei’s heart was too big for this world.  His mind and soul belonged in the future, where he went and where he is waiting for us to finish our adventure and join him. Andrei shines now, he is the brightest star in his own fearless galaxy. The world he created around him is an example of how bright you can shine and is a reminder of how bright his light shines still. There was a light inside of him that did come out. But as it happens with light, its speed is more than we can perceive. It’s fast, and has her own path. This was Andrei, he lived with the speed of light, changed everything around him, improved everything he touched and we couldn’t imagine how the world looked before.



Laura Fincu founder and manager

Laura is the founder and manager of Sache Foundation. Having studied Communication and Public Relations, everything changed for her when she rescued her first dog, Sache. She then dedicated all of her time and resources to rescuing animals and has gradually built the Foundation and Clinic from the ground up. 

Until present, Laura has organized and participated in more than 30 spay/neuter campaigns and Sache Foundation is one of the few Romanian animal rescue foundations that also has and operates in its own clinic.

The foundation’s story begins during Laura’s student days when she rescued her first dog, Sache. As time went by, she rescued more and more animals and began networking with animal rescue associations from both in and outside of Romania. 

In 2014, Laura took the first big step towards creating the foundation by building the dog paddocks, thus enabling her to shelter a larger number of animals until they were adopted. One year later, work on the clinic began and by fall of the same year Sache Vet Clinic became operational. 

With the opening of the clinic, Laura’s activities expanded to include spay/neuters, surgery and treatments, vaccinations and the organizing and performing of spay/neuter campaigns in several locations across the country.

Sache Foundation is constantly looking for ways to expand its reach in order to rescue as many animals as possible and find a home for them as well as offering a shelter for those that have a lesser chance of being adopted. 

We are also interested in getting involved into animal social events and activities with the purpose of connecting and educating communities about animal welfare and animal rescue.